• Expert, multi-lingual voice actor, native to North America and speaking English with a neutral Transatlantic accent. Noted for her seductive, persuasive and reassuring personas. Records from her own professional studio via SourceConnect or on-location in Paris and other connected cities across Europe.

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HOTELS.COM - The Artist

LANCÔME - 6 AM Rose by Fanny Bal

LANCÔME - The Centifolia Rose Antoine LeClef

LANCÔME - Domaine de La Rose

LANCÔME - Rose on the Moon by Fabrice Pellegrin

ORANGE - CyberDefense

FRESH BEAUTY - Crème Ancienne

HOTELS.COM - Babymoon

HOTELS.COM - Big Sampson

RALPH LAUREN - Romance Perfume

TOTAL ENERGIES - Cup of Nations (30')

TOTAL ENERGIES - Cup of Nations (15')

BEAMO - The World’s First Multiscope


L'OREAL x UNESCO - For Women in Science


LULULEMON - Chargefeel

ADIDAS - "Loop"

NESTEA - The Straw