• Expert, multi-lingual voice actor with 15+ years of experience, native to Canada and speaking English with a neutral accent. Fluent in French with conversation Italian,  Spanish, Hebrew and German language and accent skills. Noted for her seductive, persuasive, and reassuring personas. Records from her home studio via SourceConnect or on-location in Paris and other connected cities across Europe and Canada. 

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HOTELS.COM - Babymoon

ORANGE - CyberDefense

FRESH BEAUTY - Crème Ancienne

HOTELS.COM - Big Sampson

HOTELS.COM - The Artist

RALPH LAUREN - Romance Perfume

TOTAL ENERGIES - Cup of Nations (30')

TOTAL ENERGIES - Cup of Nations (15')

BEAMO - The World’s First Multiscope


L'OREAL x UNESCO - For Women in Science


LULULEMON - Chargefeel

ADIDAS - "Loop"

NESTEA - The Straw